The Maples of Tooele


The Maples of Tooele is a condominium community located in Tooele, UT.

For more information or to contact the HOA, please see the information below:

HOA Sub-Board Contact Info:

-Robert Prince-
Responsibilities: Clubhouse/Pool/Groundskeeping
Unit: 192
Phone: (801) 759-1017

-Ben Sandgren-
Responsibilities: Groundskeeping/Legal:
Unit: 133
Phone: (801) 694-5599

-Arno Kruisman-
Responsibilities: Property Maintenance
Unit: 136
Phone: (435) 224-4420

-Dick Lonick-
Responsibilities: Security
Unit: 123
Phone: (435) 843-5088

-Melaine Webster-
Responsibilities: Administrative
Unit: 129
Phone: (435) 228-4987

HOA Sub-Board Detailed Responsibilities:

1) Security – Dick Lonick
a. Trespassing
b. Dumping
c. Parking
d. Traffic/Signs
e. Vehicles/Towing
f. Neighborhood watch

2) Property Maintenance – Arno Kruisman
a. Create/Assist in 10-year Maintenance Plan
b. Contact person for tenant’s concerns regarding property/repairs
c. Community cleanliness

3) Clubhouse/Pool – Robert Prince
a. Clubhouse/Weight room reservations
b. Clubhouse cleaning
c. Locks
d. Pool maintenance
e. Clubhouse/Pool security and enforcement

4) Grounds Keeping – Robert Prince/Ben Sandgren
a. Snow Removal
b. Landscaping

5) Administrative – Melaine Webster
a. Meeting minutes/agendas
b. Oversee finances
c. Community communications/Facebook page
d. Promoting sense of community/Activity planning
e. Welcome letter/orientation for new move-ins

6) Legal - Ben Sandgren
a. Create list/map of ownership
b. Research/Educate/Promote our rights as HOA members via study of CC&Rs, legal advice, etc.